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Calculated Risk

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Set to Music

Set to MusicBarbara seems to have everything, including a doting and wealthy husband. Then her former dancing partner re-enters her life with unscrupulous designs on winning her back.



A Family Weekend

A family weekendAs her family converge to celebrate Laura’s 50th birthday, she is counting her blessings; three grown daughters, a charming son and after years of widowhood, a suitor. But her future plans start to falter as her children’s preoccupations threaten to overwhelm her last chance of happiness.



The Absent Child

A family weekendEighteen years ago Jenny put her illegitimate baby up for adoption. Now she is a middle-aged businesswoman whose respectable lifestyle is threatened by the arrival of new neighbours. Then she begins to suspect that the adopted daughter next door could be the child she gave up all those years ago.


Village Wives

A family weekend

Constance Makepeace wants to install a suitable young family in her home, West House, rather than sell it. But when she picks Tess O’Grady, she makes a terrible mistake. Tessa is greedy and sees the chance to make a quick killing in the property market. Will Constance be saved from her mistake?


Eight Days at the New Grand

A family weekend

The New Grand has been refurbished for the start of the Millenium and guests are beginning to arrive. James is trying to lay the ghost of his late wife Victoria but when he meets a fellow guest Sophie, is she all she appears to be?

Amanda has adored James from afar, suspects Sophie is not all she is supposed to be but should she interfere or risk losing James forever?


Olivia’s Garden

A family weekendOlivia, Anna and Rosie form an unlikely schoolgirl friendship. Olivia is the beauty and the dreamer; plain Anna the bright one whose future career as a doctor is already mapped out; whilst bubbly flame-haired Rosie simply wants to marry a millionaire. Leaving school, they lose touch until, years later, Olivia meets Rosie once more. Then Anna’s brother Ben, himself a doctor, seeks Olivia’s help with a family crisis. The happy result is that she and Ben are drawn together. However, she is shocked by Anna’s stubbornness, dismayed by Rosie’s refusal to speak to her again after a bitter row and rocked by a personal tragedy. Can the childhood friendship of Olivia, Anna and Rosie ever be rekindled?


The Cuckoo’s Nest

A family weekend

After selling their town property for a big profit, Maddy and Ed are able to buy their dream house in the country. Maddy and the children set up home while Ed, a wine trader, has a flat in Manchester and visits on weekends. But Maddy’s idyllic dream soon falters. When Jean, their previous neighbor, loses her home and seems to be penniless, Maddy invites her to stay. However, Jean proves to be the guest from hell, and Maddy must struggle to cope with feelings of guilt and suspicion as Jean makes incredible accusations against one of Maddy’s new friends. And then Ed, barely coping with living on his own and fighting off the advances of the beautiful Alexandra, drops a bombshell.

Return to Rosemount

A family weekend

Together, Clementine and Anthony Scarr had co-founded the school known as Florey Park on the headland. Then, after Anthony’s tragic death in a car accident, Clemmie’s priority changed to making sure his memory remained untarnished for their two daughters, Nina and Julia. Clemmie is delighted when her grown children return home, and then Nina meets Alex and the promise of a new relationship blossoms. But, outside the beautiful gardens of Rosemount, forces are shifting that will threaten their happiness.

Emily’s Wedding

A family weekend

With her wedding date fixed and her mother powering ahead with the preparations, Emily puts aside her niggling doubts about Simon and his refusal to talk about his past. Corinne is making the wedding dress, but she is a woman with problems of her own, not least her troubled relationship with her son Daniel and the terrible secret he has been keeping. It is Emily in whom he eventually confides as the two find themselves drawn inexorably together. Pulled in all directions, she is faced with a dilemma: her wedding day is fast approaching…

Family Secrets

A family weekendIt is Christmas 1988. Meeting her son Ray’s girlfriend for the first time, Josie is shocked to discover that Alice is the daughter of Jack Sazzoni, a figure from her past. She and Jack had a fling but she married Ray instead. She has never forgotten Jack and she dreads meeting him again. After so many years, will they still feel the same? Jack’s wife Valerie is also apprehensive about the meeting, uncomfortably aware that Jack married her on the rebound. But for the sake of their children’s happiness, all involved have to try to put the past behind them. As Easter approaches, Josie and Ray are invited to the Sazzoni’s beautiful house where family secrets will be revealed.

A Perfect Mother

A family weekendThree sisters—Frances, Maggie, and Diane—are living complicated lives alongside their widowed and unhappy father, Harry. Frances is a shy and awkward woman who reluctantly decides she must end her relationship with the ideal man because he has three daughters. Maggie, too, is suffering from a recent break with her boyfriend and moves back home to find solace, while Diane admits to her sister to having an affair despite being married with children. Will the family overcome their various issues and come together once again?

Rumours and Red Roses

A family weekend

After meeting in the hospital where their babies are undergoing open-heart surgery, Becky and Adele resolve to remain friends whatever happens. The two women are from different backgrounds but they have had to face up to the same anxieties and it brings them together. Following the operation and the different way she and her husband face up to the situation brings Adele’s marriage to Rory to crisis point and she turns to Becky. However, as their friendship deepens, Adele discovers something of the past and how the two families have been linked previously. Will their friendship survive or is it too dark a secret to share?

Just Another Day

A family weekend

Returning to her roots in Devon, Francesca discovers and discovering that her childhood home is up for sale, she buys it, but is moving back a mistake, or will living there again help her to come to terms with something that has haunted her for years? Will she be able to rid herself of the guilt she feels following the accident to her brother James, an accident for which she feels responsible? Meeting up with an old girlfriend Izzy brings things to a head for she was present that day and knows the truth and it is Izzy and Gareth, the new man in Frankie’s life, who help her find a way to forgive herself at last and move on.

A Small Fortune

A Small Fortune

What would you do if you won the lottery? Angela and Tom leave their roots and move to a designer home overlooking Morecambe Bay. Despite the money, Angela is discontented, Tom has changed into a businessman with grandiose plans, and their daughter Melanie is aimless. A visit to Angela’s sister Moira brings to a head their disparate relationships. Tom’s business plans unravel bringing unexpected money worries, and Angela is faced with revealing that she has been sending money regularly to Cheryl who wrote a begging-letter after the win. Should she trust her, for is Cheryl all she seems?

Calculated Risk

A Small Fortune

Catti, an artist still coming to terms with a major trauma in her life, arrives late to a house viewing. She’s been dreaming of buying this childhood home of hers for years and has finally saved up enough money to do so. She soon finds out that Adam, an irresistibly charming man whose past doesn’t seem to let go of him, is also after the house and determined to turn it into a hotel.

Despite the rivalry, Catti finds herself attracted to Adam. Can the two compromise over the house and find happiness? Or will their past lives ruin the chance of a future together?


Best Laid Plans 

Best Laid PlansThe pressures of the recession have hit the Fletcher’s business and the family is in disarray. Christine feels a stronger bond with her artistic daughter-in-law Monique than her own daughter Amy. A family Christmas reveals surprises and Christine is forced to act to save both her family and the business.

A Close Connection

A close connectionEleanor is delighted when her daughter Nicola marries Matthew, a charming ambitious man but is less enamoured with his parents. The two couples may be connected by their children’s marriage but are poles apart.  Eleanor suggests a  holiday so that they might get to know each other but it takes more than that and some heartache before she and Matthew’s mother Paula reach an understanding. Nichola and Matthew’s married life follows a tortuous path with the reappearance of an old girlfriend.

What Friends Are For

what are friends forElaine, Toni and Zoe of Long Lane in Morecambe Bay have become friends through a babysitting circle. Despite their different personalities, they are drawn to each other in the hope of finding support amidst increasing family pressures. As each is faced by their respective family problems, each family being under strain, their friendship is put to a test. What are friends really for – and can their friendship survive?


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