At last the Christmas shopping is over and A Countdown to Love is published as an e-book. Amidst the shopping frenzy this week I have found time to carry on with the new book, taking up from where I left off some time ago.  I left it for a time because I was just too busy with other things but also because it had reached a critical point where it didn’t feel quite right. Would my characters really act in this way? I wasn’t sure they seemed happy in the way it was proceeding and I think I needed a break to rethink things. Now, having read up to the sticking point, I have broken through the barrier as it were and it’s ticking along nicely. Don’t be afraid to think afresh when you are writing and have second thoughts. Often just going back a few pages and starting again does the trick.  On the Christmas front, I have just got a dolly’s cot from the garage which Santa is bringing my littlest granddaughter Millie and it needs assembling. It can’t be rocket science with only five pieces but I can’t get it together so it will have to wait until my daughter arrives to work it out.  The left side – technical and practical – of my brain is sadly lacking at times.