Going through the edits for e-book ‘Through Thick and Thin’ formerly titled ‘Olivia’s Garden’. New title, new cover.  Got me thinking about titles and covers, some of which I have been delighted with, others not so much. The original title for ‘Village Wives’ was ‘The House at One-Mile Bridge’ but that was rejected outright because it sounded, according to the editor, like a thriller rather than a romantic novel.  The original cover for ‘Set to Music’ featured a lovely picture of Harrogate, undeniably Harrogate, but that was changed at the very last minute to a much more general one. I could never understand that.  However, I do have the artist’s sketch which I have framed. This may seem trivial and nit-picking but I feel we should not underestimate the power of the right cover choice. Are writers ever completely satisfied I wonder? Maybe not.  I’ve got a cold today which probably explains the grumpy mood. Dosed up on NIght Nurse medicine last night which knocked me out. Slept well but woke up feeling awful. It’s fine today so will have a walk later to clear my head.