I am 80 pages into the new book now and really getting to know the characters now. Changed a few things from the beginning now that I know them better but that always happens. My granddaughter Ella’s German pen-pal has been over with her German group. Emilie is only 14 years old but her English, both understanding of it and speaking it, is excellent. It makes me feel ashamed of how bad we are at languages. Is it because we don’t start language lessons early enough? Daisy’s Plymouth city centre school is a fascinating mix of cultures and languages – standing in the playground all I can hear is chatter in other languages. Often a child will start school knowing very little English but within a few weeks they start to pick it up and before you know it, they are happily familiar with it when often their parents are still struggling. We introduced Emilie to the delights of English cuisine! – Yorkshire puddings and Devon cream teas.