Busy weekend. Been to a pantomime and the cinema. I love pantos and have happy memories of them. Once, up in Newcastle, when the children were small we had a box which sounded wonderful until we realized we could only see half of the stage from it. However we could see into the wings and watch the actors getting ready to come onto the stage.  It was Cinderella and David Jason was Buttons. This year’s pantomime at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth was Jack and the Beanstalk with Bobby Davro doing a terrific job as Simple Simon. Great fun for everybody and it was my granddaughter Daisy’s 8th birthday which was announced on stage and thrilled her to bits. The film next day was the Stephen Hawking one and although I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it or not I found it very moving.  The Carlton cinema in Okehampton is small with comfortable roomy seats like armchairs and a little table to put your popcorn and drinks on.  An interesting experience and it reminds me that there is nothing quite like a cinema screen to experience a film – it’s never quite the same when you see it on TV.  Back to writing now and I’ve passed page 200 so it’s on the final stretch now and I’m beginning to wind up the ladies’ separate stories.  Not quite sure yet if it’s going to be a happy ending for all of them. It depends.