New Year’s Day and a quiet one for me after a busy lovely Christmas with the family with only a few arguments over a game of Monopoly which is par for the course as we do tend to make our own rules.  After being cooped up as it were it was lovely to take a walk up the lane to see the cows and the sheep together in the same field. They seem to largely ignore each other but up close the cows are huge and you can see how powerful they are and how dangerous as their calves were with them. I was glad that a  fence separated us from them.  Finally back to looking at my new work in progress. I have changed the title again but it’s only a working one. Starting to come to the tricky three quarter point where things have to happen. My three ladies each have their problems to sort out  and I’m not entirely sure how they will do that yet but I am confident they will.  I am starting to have quite a number of e-books out now with several others due shortly and that feels exciting and new.