Been so busy these last few weeks.  I was at Swanwick Writers’ Summer School up in Derbyshire where for a whole week it felt as if I was in a writing bubble. No television, no newspapers, just writing and talking about writing with other writers. It doesn’t matter how experienced a writer you are, you can always learn something new.

I left buzzing with ideas for new things to do.

And then a trip to Bath with my older granddaughters. What a wonderful city with the Roman Baths, the Assembly Rooms, the Jane Austen connection and so on.  Even though Jane Austen only lived in Bath for five years, it stayed in her memory and she set some of her novels there.  It made me realize the importance of introducing a sense of place to your reader – it has to be done subtly but a reader really needs to know where she is so that she can conjure up an image in her head.