I haven’t yet seen the film Stan and Ollie but was reminded of Ulverston and its Stan Laurel connections. My boys went to the school he attended. I have used the town as an inspiration for the settings of several books, the most recent being What Friends Are For published by Cloudberry books as an e-book. I did indeed belong to a baby-sitting group run by a formidable lady although the characters in the book are entirely fictional. As a writer, you do draw on memories with a little embellishment of course.

Problem logging in. Finally seems to be sorted. I am so pleased that my book ‘Catch a Whisper’ is out at last. It is different from my usual work in that it is set in the 1920′s/30s so it meant a lot of research was needed. Surprisingly, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the research and I hope it is something new that my readers can enjoy.¬†After a break I am now back to writing. I didn’t realise how much I miss it.