My littlest granddaughter Millie is in reception class and I went along to their Nativity Play. Considering that for two thirds of the class, English is not their main language – being mainly Eastern European – it was a joy. Millie had a speaking part which she managed beautifully. There were the usual hilarious moments with Joseph finding a loose thread on his sleeve and picking at it intently throughout but for the mums and dads it was a delight. The little ones are picking up the language in that easy way of the young and within a few months I expect their English will be faultless.

Decided on my last shopping visit to Plymouth that I wouldn’t bother going shopping again until after Christmas. The panicked look is already appearing on people’s faces. Why do we allow it to get to us? I started a book years ago ‘Family Secrets’ with my character Josie doing some last-minute shopping in the supermarket on Christmas Eve – it was fun to write.  We – myself and my writing friends from Barnstaple – have decided to produce some short stories to be published as an e-book. There is a resurgence in short stories apparently and I admire this tricky genre. I hope to include a couple of mine in it.