Wonderful weekend up in Inverness. My son Peter was doing the Loch Ness Marathon and Meg (my granddaughter) and I were his support team.   We drove round the Loch the previous day, all 60 miles of it, stopping off at Fort Augustus for monster fish and chips! We went to Culloden next day with its impressive newly built visitors’ centre – I donated money for a memorial stone there for my Ken – he loved the area and would be delighted to be commemorated there on the memorial pathway.  Peter did the marathon and well done to him.  The river Ness is very wide and fast flowing at Inverness, its bridge lit up at night. I liked the little city and the big wide skies next day as we drove back to the airport via Fort George near Nairn.  That was a surprise as I had expected a ruin and it is a huge fortification with magnificent views over the headland.  A few minutes peace and quiet in the chapel there before beginning the return journey. Tired but so glad we did it.

Went to see The Sound of Music at the Theatre Royal, Plymouth. Wonderful stuff. Willing the Mother Superior to hit the top note of Climb Every Mountain. She did. As we emerged into the brightness of the afternoon, everyone was smiling and this is the marvellous thing about musicals.  I sang Climb Every Mountain in the car on the way home and no, I was nowhere near the top note. Busy with compiling a portfolio of short stories with some sent out already. It’s a tricky genre but very interesting and I am enjoying it.

Just about to drop off to sleep last night when I decided I needed a drink of water. Switching on the bedside lamp, I saw one enormous spider, very black legs, sitting relaxing on the fluffy white sheepskin rug beside the bed.  I shot out of bed on the opposite side, ran to get the spider-catcher from the airing cupboard praying that it would still be there when I returned. It was. It was very obliging and I scooped it up and moved it to spider pastures new.   Reading a chapter of a gory thriller last thing plus the spider episode meant it took a while to get off to sleep. Getting back into the swing of writing following the week at Swanwick. Sent off some short stories.