Wonderful day at Taunton watching the cricket – Somerset v Glamorgan. Typical summer day – warmish with spits of rain from time to time. We were covered for all eventualities. On the way back I stopped off at a convenient Little Chef for something to eat.  Disaster - broken frying equipment and no coffee machine.  A nightmare, the pleasant girl at the till explained, because everybody wants chips.  They are not coming to fix it until Wednesday, she added, which is very bad for business. I sympathised and settled for what they could make me – Chicken Tikka – not my first choice but I was hungry and a pot of tea. Felt so sorry for the waitress who looked close to tears that I gave her a tip.

Still waiting for summer. A few days of sunny weather here and there but a lot of grey skies too.  I have been tidying my desk which gets in such a pickle when I am in the middle of something.  I came across pages of stuff I printed out ages ago – long lost stories that haven’t seen the light of day. It was interesting to look at them again from a different perspective.  I can see the day when printing out copies will be a thing of the past as publishers start to accept e-mail submissions more and more. Thinking back to the beginning of my writing using an old typewriter, paper and strips of Tippex, seems like the dark ages now. What a fuss that was and everytime you made a mistake, it interrupted the flow of writing.  Much as I despair sometimes about the pace of technology I would not choose to go back to those times.