Got so engrossed with a story yesterday that I very nearly forgot I was going out for lunch to the Bedford Hotel in Tavistock.  It meant a hasty getting ready and I was out of breath when I arrived thankfully in time.  I have been looking at a story called Diamond in the Dust, the first story I have written set back in the 1930′s. Research is fascinating although eventually you have to set it aside and get on with the writing. I believe in this story even if it is a bit different from my usual offerings but it needs considerable work before I can present it to anyone.  I am telling the story from just one viewpoint because that seems the right way to go about it. Funny, my children’s stories are always written in the first person because that seems the right way to go about them. Go with your instinct. If it feels right then it probably is.

Day out in Cornwall. First a visit to Wheal Martyn china clay museum – good visitor centre with café and shop. The tour took us outside on a drizzly day but the view of the current workings of the quarry was spectacular. It was huge and the pleasant hills roundabout were not quite what they seemed – landscaped heaps in fact. After lunch, a quick visit in the rain to Mevagissey, not at its best of course and then to Charlestown when the sun briefly deigned to appear. A successful trip despite the weather with good company. I am looking at all my old stuff with a view to reviving some of it – interesting because I haven’t looked at some of it for ages and it was as if I was reading it afresh.

Spent the day in Dartmouth on Saturday. I went with a friend on the bus from Plymouth. It’s ages since I sat on the top deck of a double decker bus and it was lovely to see all the things over the hedges that you don’t see in a car. Some of the village streets on the way were very narrow and we could almost see into the bedrooms as we edged past with inches  to  spare.  What a fantastic driver! Dartmouth was bustling as there was a music festival (Dart festival) going on and lots of street musicians adding to the entertainment.  The bus was crowded with barely a seat to spare and everybody was in a very cheery mood – oh for more days like this.

Gave a talk at Buckland Abbey Social Club’s Annual Review meeting. Preparing it made me think very carefully about how ideas for a story come about. It is a complicated business and it was interesting to try to analyse it.   My cat Lucy killed a rabbit the other day after patrolling the grounds and proudly carried it – with difficulty – to the front door. Thank heavens I don’t have a cat flap so she didn’t bring it indoors.   What can you do? It is the hunting instinct and I can’t really blame her but I did go off her a bit because it was distressing.

Ringside seats at the Moscow State Circus in Central Park, Plymouth.  Tumblers, jugglers, no swinging from a trapeze but girls performing stunts up high on ropes and new-style clowns – no red noses and painted faces so probably less frightening for the children. Funny though with some grown-up humour that tickled the adults. Something missing and that was the ringmaster strutting his stuff.  No performing animals now thank heavens - it seemed fine when I was a child watching the lions and elephants at the Tower Circus, Blackpool but is awful now to think that we watched animals being trained to behave in an undignified way. All in all it was a good night but I do wonder if time is running out  for the circus experience.

Watched a TV programme last night about coastal walks with a dog. I have done one of the walks from Ilfracombe along the coast path to Woolacombe and it was interesting catching sight of some of the places my son and I passed by on the route. It was a long walk beside the sea and we were more than ready for refreshment by the time we neared Woolacombe.  Woolacombe Bay Hotel was the inspiration for Eight Days at the New Grand although I moved the location. A long walk breathing in the fresh sea air is the very best medicine. Happy memories!