Happy birthday to our wonderful Queen. I remember as a child watching the coronation on our brand new 12″ television set together with a crowd of neighbours who didn’t yet own a set. My mum was kept busy providing tea and sandwiches throughout the day.   I am very nearly finished reading The Widow by Fiona Barton and it’s one of those books where you are reluctant to arrive at the final page because you are enjoying it so much.  Just a few more pages to go but I stopped reading at 11 o’clock last night so that I can savour those sometime today.

Sometimes it is impossible not to eavesdrop. The café where I had a solitary lunch today was quiet with a nearby table occupied by two young ladies. It was quite a long wait for the food to appear and they were chatting with little attempt to lower their voices.  One of them, poor soul, was having terrible problems making the final split from her boyfriend and ‘moving on’ as she called it. The other girl who could barely get a word in was  sympathetic but you could sense an impatience there. As for the boyfriend – the way she described him she would be better off without him. How could I not listen in? There was nothing else to do other than pretend to read the rubbish magazine I had bought in WH Smith – an essential when you dine alone.  I left before they did so had to leave them with the problem unresolved. I hope she does the right thing. She was a pretty girl and should have no trouble moving on.

Just found something lurking in the dark recesses of the freezer. No idea what it is but am defrosting it. I must learn to label things.  Another brighter day today which makes me think of taking a look at the potted plants on the patio with a visit to the garden centre in mind. Busy with the talk I am doing next month.  I am attempting a power-point presentation which fills me with dread but I think it will be more interesting for the audience to have something to focus on rather than just me talking.  Am in limbo just now with the writing but doing lots of reading. Have read The Night Manager but it was spoilt by the TV series and I couldn’t get used to the idea of Burr being a woman in that and a man in the book.  I don’t think that quite worked for me and couldn’t understand why they felt the need to do that.