Easter been and gone. Good Friday was a glorious day and I enjoyed a long walk along the cycle path meeting so many people blowing off the cobwebs from being stuck indoors with so much rain lately. Saturday and Sunday turned wet and windy again and I was on duty at Buckland Abbey on Monday on the welcoming door – muddy wellingtons galore, pushchairs and people shaking themselves free of rain at the entrance.  I am working on my talk for the social club in May – looking back to see where the ideas did come from for my stories -  a trip down memory lane for me as so many are triggered off by something that happened in the past. Not everything for there is a good chunk of imagination there too but there has to be a beginning.

My short story ‘The Decision’ is currently editor’s choice on the Alfiedog.short story website available for download for 0.25p.  Now and again I return to short story writing and what a challenge it is to come up with a really good one. I realise now that when I first started writing, I missed the point of what makes a true short story, a tricky genre to get right. Some of my earlier short stories were in fact ideas for a novel and so were not wasted. A short story is exactly that, tightly told and impossible to lengthen. I have just read Roald Dahl’s collection, a true expert in the genre.