Well, that was a Christmas Eve to forget.   Little Millie had to go to A&E with a breathing problem and was kept in the children’s ward overnight.  Mummy stayed with her and here, at grandma’s, we all waited anxiously for news, Christmas temporarily postponed.  Next morning, Christmas Day, Millie was a little better and Santa visited her in hospital with a present, the doctors having given her another little present – a soft toy elephant with a hospital tag around his little wrist. Thank God for the paediatric department at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth - wonderful care on all her unfortunate visits there.  We unwrapped our presents when she got back and Christmas resumed.

My 3 year old granddaughter Millie has taken to putting things in the oddest places. With everybody waiting to go, the others sitting in the car outside, where on earth were her shoes? In the washing machine of course, where else would they be? The Christmas singers – novelty characters – are in place on the window ledge in the hall raucously singing ‘Jingle Bells’ whenever their little hands are pressed. Had to resort to switching them off sneakily and explaining to Millie that they needed to have a little rest from singing as they were tired.  Several of the e-books are ready at the same time, quite a few going live next week in time for Christmas.  It’s been a joy to catch up with them during the editing – perhaps I shouldn’t admit that I really enjoyed reading them once more but the truth is I did.

Had a get together last night with the neighbours in our outside courtyard – mulled wine and nibbles.  My older granddaughters Meg and Ella helped me put up the Christmas decorations this morning. All the old favourites plus a few newcomers.  Something missing – the small Christmas tree we stand on a coffee table – and I started looking in the most unlikely places.  Peering under the bed, I was met with a pair of eyes – the cat really didn’t like the upheaval and had gone into hiding – but no tree. Mystery indeed.  Busy with the edits for two e-books ‘Family Values’ and ‘Secrets and Lies’ with the new e-book ‘What Friends Are For’ waiting in the wings for me to start editing after Christmas.

It was my lovely granddaughter Meg’s 17th birthday yesterday. I remember so vividly the day she was born and the mad dash my husband and I made to Harrogate from Barnard Castle. The hospital car park was full and we had to park in a side street some distance away. Arriving at the hospital with a big bunch of flowers, we discovered that my daughter and the baby had already left for home. A far cry from the old days, my days, when I was in hospital for ten days with my first born. One extreme to the other I feel.  Had my first seasonal meal yesterday at Lifton Hall Hotel, turkey and Christmas pud and good company.

Colder and drier yesterday – time for the gloves to come out.  I’m checking through the edits for the e-book version of Return to Rosemount, re-named Family Values.  It’s a long time since I wrote it and I can’t quite remember what comes next as I read it. Strange but true. It will be out soon on Amazon from Luscious Books, Cloudberry Imprint.  Looking after the gorgeous Saffi dog (my son is in Tenerife) and we are enjoying our walks along the cycle path, dead flat for me but full of exciting scents for Saffi.  We met three dogs on the way and she was her usual gentle self with all of them.  A few cyclists – after all it is the cycle path – most are the sedate variety exchanging a good morning and nice day as they puff on by.