Having my dining room/kitchen decorated so the rest of the house is in a pickle.  Piles of books everywhere.  The cat is traumatised and is scared of the decorator, a lovely man who has a cat of his own. Got rid of a lot of ancient CD’s to a fete this weekend so that will clear a space on my bookshelves for yet more books.  Had my  hair cut yesterday – Louisa has been cutting my  hair for 7 years and she’s far too professional to say ‘I told you so’ but the longer bob we were aiming for was never going to be my look and I feel much happier now and much more like me. Have agreed to give a talk in spring about writing – I’m going to try to answer that age old question ‘Where do you get your ideas from?’ Wish I knew.

Took the cat to the vets for her flea treatment. Getting her into the cat carrier requires a stealthy approach because if she catches sight of it, she is off to hide. There is a separate seating area at the vets for cats and dogs, the dogs looking up with interest as the cats are carried past. My old dog would stop dead at the door and have to be dragged in although he would be very perky on the way out. Lucy the cat makes a horrible din in the car on the way there, fortunately it’s only a few minutes or it would be unbearable. Back to the easy business! of writing in the afternoon.