Middle June already and I am nearly 50 pages into the new book, title unknown.  The family members in the story are converging on a beautiful house in Cornwall for a holiday from their homes in the north-east, north-west and Kent respectively. I am feeling the way, getting to know the characters bit by bit but it is definitely going somewhere.  Met my friend Dawn for lunch in a sunny Plymouth.  My fish and chips arrived looking very fashionable if a little self conscious on a wooden board. Whose idea was this? And you have to ask yourself, why? The chips kept falling off onto the table and I would have much preferred a proper plate. I didn’t complain except to Dawn - perhaps I should have.

A pleasant trip across the moor to north Devon and Barnstable to meet up with Sheila and Amanda, writing friends. Over a coffee and cake at the garden centre café we talked non-stop as usual about writing and what we were up to.  Arriving home, I found a huge number of bees swarming about on the gravel in our courtyard so, after a moment’s panicking we called in the emergency bee-lady. She arrived quickly, donned her bee suit and scooped them up with my fish slice – no bees were harmed. She told me that because the queen bee was a virgin queen and inexperienced she did not have the authority of a queen bee proper. The other bees therefore were disinclined to follow her into the box that my bee-lady put down for them. It took a while but eventually we were left with just a few stragglers. As if that wasn’t enough excitement I found a dead baby rabbit down the side of the house which my neighbour very kindly disposed of. Oh the joys of living in the countryside!